«Gent Oil», England
Project: «Construction of Sea water desalination complex and production of heat energy/steam on Turkmenbashy Oil Refinery (TKNPZ)»
Description: Construction and mounting complex execution
Region: Turkmenbashi city.
Commencement of construction works: 2001 years
Status: Conctruction put in place and handed over to the Customer.

«Contour of new industrial project — Construction of Sea water desalination complex and production of heat energy/steam organicly fit in landscape of maritime town - Turkmenbashi».

Construction of water distiller by «Gent Oil» British compdny, is nearing completion, and commissioning of unit starts at the beginning of September.
Water distiller station consist of desalination and boil system - 500 cubic metre desalted water capacity and 20 ton of steam per hour. They were passing through anticorrosion pipeline to petroleum refinery and providing necessary technological process of oil products receiption. The equipment for water distiller complex was delivered by known Gerrman companies: "Berkefeld" and "Loos".The personnel of "Yugmantagstroy"
Turkmen Enterprise execute the mounting of equipment and metallic tank assembly for desalted water saving.

Neutral Turkmenistan — 25.08.2001,
№ 218 (23056)

Projects list

1. Stairfoot. ABK building.
2. Chimney raft
3. Mounting of boiler building
4. Stairfoot. Pumping station

1. Boiler building
2. Stairfoot. Water distiller.
3. Water distiller building.
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