"Emerol LTD", Dublin, Co Dublin, Ireland
Project: Construction of АТ-7 primary oil refining unit on TKNPZ
Description: Full complex of civil and erection works execution.
Region: Turkmenbashi city, TKNPZ
Commencement of construction works:2006 y.
Status: Construction is in progress

"At the Тurkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries began full-scale erection works of primary oil refining unitп - ELOU АТ-7". Ireland company "Emerol LTD" has got General contract for construction of new enginnering unit with capaciry of one million tone oil refineries per year, which is comparable with big refinery plant. There would be prodused aviation kerosene, diesel fuel, reduced fuel oil, and other products. This project are realizing within the bounds of approved Turkmenistan’s national development program of heat-and-power engineering complex – leading sector of economics."

"Neutral Turkmenistan"— 05.05.2007 y., № 111

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