«DMT S.A.», France
Project: Construction on the “turn-key” basis the polypropylene film plant at the Turkmenbashi complex
Description: Construction and mountingon works on the “turn-key” basis.
Region: Turkmenbashi city, TKNPZ
Commencement of construction works: 2008 y.
Status: Project is temporary frozen

"Specialists of Ashgabat "Yugmontazstroy" company have started construction of industrial and administration buildings of polypropylene film plant at the Turkmenbashi complex- the new technological object erected on the field of the Тurkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries.
"Yugmontazstroy" is a subcontractor of the general manufacturer of works - the "DMT S. A.", French company, which concluded with TKNPZ the contract on construction the polypropylene film plant in cost about 40 million euro with annual production rate 21 thousand tons of polypropylene film. The French company has offered and carries out own plan of building and on this basis acts in additional quality of the licensor of the project. It positively affects terms and quality of civil work. The future manufacture is calculated on release of export-focused production with different consumer properties in assortment of twelve kinds of films. They are applied as a packing material in agriculture, food branch, the tobacco industry; in release of modern building materials; at manufacturing of sticky tapes, advertising labels and other production. Realization of the project is directed on achievement of a strategic target of an oil refining complex - increase of an indicator of deep oil refining, expansion е nomenclatures and increase in an exit competitive in the internal and foreign market of mineral oil.
The qualified experts and workers of "Yugmontazstroy" company, who have great experience in works of up-to-date technological installation of primary distillation of oil ELOU-АТ-6 and other objects of TKNPZ, successfully conduct new building. At the disposal of builders the highly effective elevating, cargo handling mechanisms, convenient adaptations for cutting and armature linkage, сварочные units, the wheel and heavy caterpillar techniques.
With good industrial results work assemblers-steelman guided by Allanur Allanurov, divisions of machine operators and other links of the building conveyor work on a building site of new petrochemical manufacture concreters guided by Hemra Chashemov. Now concreters of "Yugmontazstroy" erect the second floor of the administrative-household block and cast one for another basic column on perimeter of the main industrial case of under construction factory."

"Neutral Turkmenistan"— 21.01.2009

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Execution phase by this project was complicated with the necessity of disassembling existing technologica unit.

Extraordinary tehnical solutions, operational experience in nonstandard situations let our specialists provide hard disassembling works for 4 calendar months.


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