Industrial process assumes performance of works in different regions of Turkmenistan and consequently, since 2006 within the framework of the enterprise the building sites completed all necessary for realization of construction have been based is independent from each other. Such a decision has given flexibility in management of sites, has increased an overall performance of works.

Carried out projects

"Construction of Sea water desalination complex and production of heat energy/steam on Turkmenbashy Oil Refinery (TKNPZ)"
"Construction of the ELOU AT-2 unit in Turkmenbashy Oil Refinery (TKNPZ)"
"Modernization of the unit of delayed coking UZK-3 on Turkmenbashy Oil Refinery (TNPZ)"
"Air field covering and manufacture of concrete for covering of platforms of air courts and taxiway and apron at the airport in Turkmenbashy city"
"Complex modernization and reconstruction of oil coke glowing UPNK-2 unit"
"The construction of the booster compressor station Dovletabat-3 on Dovletabat field on the “turn-key” basis"
"Construction of the AT-6 primary oil refining unit on TKNPZ"
"Construction of the office building for the company "Enex Process Engineering A.S. in Ashgabat city"

"The construction of the compressor station “Bagtyyarlyk""

"Construction of roads under the Project “Engineering and construction of Ashgabat Polytechnic Institute complex buildings”.
"The construction of the compressor station Dovletabat-2, II stage on the “turn-key” basis"
"Construction of traffic intersection of the southern outer ring road and the Turkmenbashi Street in Ashgabat city."
"Construction of АТ-7 primary oil refining unit on TKNPZ
"Construction of the block of turnaround water supply and systems of industrial water drains on TKNPZ"
"Designing and construction on the “turn-key” basis the polypropylene film plant at the Turkmenbashi complex"
"Construction of the UZK DAG unit on Turkmenbashy Complex of Oil Refinery"
"Construction of gas dewatering unit on GS-2 gas field Dovletabat-3"
"Recreation centre for 500 sits on the “turn-key” basis"
"Construction of bitumen plant at Seyidi oil refinery plant"

Projects under construction

"Turkmenbashi Oil crude distillation ELOU-АТ-7 installation at TURKMENBASHI COMPLEX OF OIL REFINERIES."
"Engineering, procurement and construction of fuel oil vacuum distillation unit , light olefine alkylation unit, light gasoline isomerization and light gasoline mixing unit at Turkmenbashy Oil Processing Complex"

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